About Us

Krenek Printing Building Krenek Printing Company has been serving the Northwest Houston and Katy areas with subdivision newsletters since 1979. Krenek Printing is a family owned and operated business which prides itself in providing a venue to the residents in the form of a personalized subdivision newsletter.

Residents of the communities we serve receive a monthly newsletter filled with information provided by their management company, civic association board, community groups/clubs, libraries, schools, scouts, and much, much more. There is also space provided for important numbers and ACC form. Articles are sent to Krenek Printing by contacts from the above groups. This venue is an excellent, cost free way of keeping everyone informed.

Krenek Printing does not charge the residents or the management company for this service. The newsletter is solely supported by the advertising found within each newsletter.

Your Newsletter is as effective as the neighborhood makes it. If you provide informative and interesting news, then it will be passed on to your residents in a pleasant, attractive, personalized subdivision newsletter.

We, at Krenek Printing, look forward to working with you and providing your subdivision with the best monthly newsletter possible.